Smart Faucet

Redefines Modern


Design With Rhino 3D

Project Summary

Smart Faucet concept developed with Rhinoceros 3D. 

“I hate waiting for that hot water to come out when I need it!”


Water Wastage

11,000 Gallons / Year, is the average waste in each family, caused by waiting for hot water from the faucets and shower heads.

Poor Ergonomic

Some faucets are not designed with human factors in mind, which make the users uncomfortable while washing.

Water Splash

After washing hands, people turn off the water with wet hands. This causes the faucet and basin to get wet and messy.



Adjust Temperature

Swipe through the temperature display to choose the temperature before use.

Adjust Water Volume

Turn the top of the faucet in order to pre-select the amount of water pressure wanted.

Turn On/Off

After making the temperature and volume selection, the faucet is ready to be turned on. Slightly lift the tip of the faucet to turn it on. Push it down to turn it off.