Redefining Cycling Hydration




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Project Summary

Shark Ninja asked us to come up with a smart hydration system that may redefine their Wellness market in the near future.

“I just felt awful. And I knew it was mainly from dehydration; your muscles don’t work as well, and you feel mentally not as good...”

- Charles Wu, competitive cyclist, MIT cycling team


Dehydration does not only has an enormous impact on cyclists’ performances, but could also result in serious accidents.


A smart bottle cage that acts as a personal coach to coach the cyclist how to drink along their practices and races.

Secondary Research

SharkNinja provided us some of their research data at the beginning of the project. SharkNinja’s preliminary research suggests there is a market opportunity in “wellness” products and services. While 75% of Americans are dehydrated, dollar sales in the ready-to-drink “wellness” beverages grew 3.9% from 2011 to 2012, making it a $65.3 billion category. Since dehydration can lead to adverse health effects, including stress-related ailments, an opportunity exists to integrate technology and data to help consumers develop healthy hydration behaviors.

Primary Research

After defining our user group, we used several different research methods and conducted in-depth research on potential customers. That includes conducting surveys and in person questionnaires, and watching the cyclists during their practices. We also partnered up with MIT cycling team for further understanding the need of competitive cyclists.

Market Study

Through research, we understand that there are five key criteria for the product: Light weight, provide personalized insights, accurate, integration with existing ecosystem, and easy to use. The market for hydrating athletes is very competitive. However, no other product can match all of the needs from users. And most importantly, none of them provide accurate data for the hydration level of the athletes and at the same time being portable. Through the close collaboration with the nutritionists and engineers at MIT, we realized that smart wearables today are not capable of generating an accurate reading of the hydration level of the human body. We believe that accuracy is the most important factor in our product, and that is why we choose the direction of creating a smart drinking system for cyclists.


How It Works

Input Personal Info

Users are asked about their personal physical detail, which they can input through the Gentou APP.


With a complex algorithm, Gentou is able to know how much water the users need to drink while cycling. And with the sensors built into it, it can sense how much the cyclists have been drinking. It will acknowledge the cyclists the hydration level of their body and let them know when and how much to drink each time.

Charging station design

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September 2017.